DEBUNKING AGED CARE MYTHS | “Aged care is like a hospital”

Aged care is a complex web of legislation, costs and options.  The system can prove challenging as you or your loved ones find the need to transition to a new phase of retirement and move away from independent living arrangements.  At Vincents we assist in making the complex simple by helping people and their families better understand options and the financial implications of decisions – and in doing so, we come across a range of what we like to deem “aged care myths”.

Today we’d like to debunk one of those myths for you.

Myth: “Aged care is like a hospital”

Helping families unpack the best solution for increasing the quality of life for their parents in a dignified and respectful manner is key on the care solutions journey.

When clients first engage with us, they are keen to understand the financial implications of the various care options.  However, initially, we are helping to reframe their view of care.

Residential aged care is not a hospital, it’s a home that provides 24-hour nursing care but also activities.

It’s a place for the family to visit but most importantly a community and a safe place to live. They are not the traditional nursing homes, straight corridors, medical smelling and sterile looking. They are often airy, with large common areas, dining rooms, curtains open so the sun shines in, tastefully decorated homes, just a lot more rooms than a traditional place of residence. A staff member of our favourite facilities told us once “we treat it as their home, not as our place of work, we respect this is where they live, their new home”.

Recently we visited a facility and there is amazing artwork on the walls, the foyer art was a commission, and the artist was a residents family member. The art embodies the facilities philosophy. The corridors are not straight so you don’t feel like you are walking down a hospital ward and the floors were carpeted.

Families often tell us at the end of their aged care journey that they were surprised at how different the aged care facility was compared to what they initially imagined.

Having visited her grandfather for years, Kerry knew an aged care facility didn’t have to be a long-term hospital setting.  She would lunch with him in the dining room, having ordered from the cafe. They would then retire to his room and listen to Churchill speeches, or music from his younger years. They have had family celebrations in the garden and tea on the deck.

A major barrier to care is the perception it’s a hospital-style solution.  Not all will be to your taste, but we think you will be pleasantly surprised at how nice they can be.

How we can help

At Vincents our Aged Care experts understand the importance of making safe and secure decisions in order to comfortably transition and protect wealth. We review each situation with the goal to reduce aged care fees and maximise government support. We also aim to reduce stress by helping clients better understand the complex weave of fees and legislation.

Interested in debunking more aged care myths with us?

We certainly come across a range of misconceptions in the aged care space, and it’s important when making big decisions for you and/or your loved ones that these myths don’t make the process any harder for you.

To this end, we’re running a complimentary webinar – details below:

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Join Mark and Kerry as they debunk a range of aged care myths in their live webinar on Tuesday, 13 April 2021 12:00PM AEST.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the issues discussed in this article, please contact Mark Allara our Financial Advisory Director for assistance.

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