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Service Request Forms

When you need the expertise of the Vincents Estates Team, please follow these three easy steps to fill out and send your request to us:

  1. Save a copy of your form from the list below in your preferred desktop location.
  2. Enter your information into the form as required.
  3. Save your changes and email the saved form and all supporting documents to the Vincents Estates Team using the email detailed on the form.
  • N.B. * If you are requesting we locate a missing TFN of the deceased, please print and post the form, along with certified copies of the Will, Probate/Letters of Administration, Death Certificate and Authorisation Letter to:
    Attention: Estates Team
    PO Box 13004
    George Street QLD 4003

Service Request Forms and Fact Sheets

Please feel free to contact the Vincents Estates Team, if you have any further questions, need additional help with the forms or if you have any concerns about your tax obligations as the executor for the estate.

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