Subcontractor Review

Subcontractor Review

Making informed tender
decisions and improving
subcontractor stability

Many companies rely on subcontractors to assist in delivering outcomes.  Unfortunately, financial issues can often lead to poor performance and the temptation to cut corners.

Subcontractors who can’t pay their bills may have the supply of materials and labour affected – which could be detrimental to your project.  Ultimately, disaster can strike if they become unable to complete contracts that are awarded to them.  Financial ramifications can even apply if the subcontractor falls over after completion of a project – leaving the responsibility of the rectification works resting on the builder because the warranties provided by the sub contractor are rendered worthless.

What if you were able to obtain a level of assurance that your intended subcontractor had the financial capabilities needed to perform the project tendered?

What if there was a process available to you that outlined the conditions potential subcontractors needed to satisfy in order to be financially capable?

A subcontractor financial appraisal can help companies avoid a lot of the financial hardships encountered with this process – yet it is a much neglected subject in construction.  Expert knowledge is required to undertake the review process – and Vincents is here to help.

Our promise

We will assist you to achieve subcontractor stability, save money and make informed tender decisions.

How will we deliver on our promise?

  • We will meet with you to understand what you would like to achieve from subcontractor reviews;
  • We will set up a system to request confidential information from sub-contractors;
  • We will collect the relevant information;
  • We will perform a comprehensive review of this information; and
  • We will provide you with our expert opinion.

What will you walk away with?

You will walk away with a comprehensive sub-contractor review, risk assessment and quality identification report.

Our experts

Josip Matanovic

Josip Matanovic

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Rebecca Macdonald

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If you would like to have a discussion with us in relation to sub-contractor reviews, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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