Business Interruption Calculator

We have recently launched our online Business Interruption Calculator – providing preliminary quantum of a claim for loss of gross profit and assessing if underinsurance may apply. It can be accessed here.

While this calculator does not replace the need for proper claim preparation, it can assist in preliminary considerations of a business or client’s potential claim.

The 2021 Allianz Global Risk Barometer continues to identify business interruption as the number one business risk globally. This includes business interruptions from government-imposed lockdowns from the pandemic and traditional business interruption exposures from climate change, as more volatile and severe weather brings the increased risk of storms, floods and wildfires.

Typical insured events are natural and unnatural disasters, such as fire, flood, storm, cyclone, equipment malfunction, burglary, theft, and accidental or malicious damage. More recently, Covid-19 has caused significant disruption and losses of billions of dollars to businesses across many industries. There are currently Test Cases before the Court to determine how policies will respond to claims for Covid-19.

Business interruption insurance is designed to cover the loss of gross profit and other costs caused by the interruption to a business (by an insured event), to allow the business to continue running and recover.

If your / your client’s business has been interrupted by Covid-19 or another insured event:

  1. Obtain a copy of the insurance policy and schedule (contact your insurer or broker for a copy).
  2. Document your losses (refer to our checklists).
  3. Seek independent advice and expert assistance.

Further information and checklists about our Business Interruption insurance claims services can be found here:

Access the Business Interruption Calculator

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the Business Interruption Calculator, please contact Natasha Milne our Forensic Services Director for assistance.

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