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Business Interruption Insurance
Cover Live Q&A Webinar

Are you covered for COVD-19 losses?

Is the pandemic exclusion in your policy enforceable with respect to COVID-19?

Businesses across all industries are currently suffering terrible losses due to COVID-19. While most policy wordings seek to exclude pandemics, there are a large number of policies where pandemic exclusions refer to the Quarantine Act which was repealed in 2015, and not the currently in force Biosecurity Act.

Does your (or your client’s) policy refer to the Quarantine Act?

COVID-19 has now been declared to be a listed human disease under the Biosecurity Act. However, as the Quarantine Act is no longer in force, can it have any application to COVID-19?

Join our Forensic Services Director Natasha Milne and special guest Berren Hamilton from Stone Group Lawyers in a Live Q&A Webinar this Friday 22 May at 12pm AEST with all your burning questions.

Natasha and Berren will discuss:

  • Will an exclusion that refers only to the Quarantine Act exclude cover for COVID-19 losses?
  • How will this novel issue be resolved by the Courts?
  • Other important aspects with respect to policy response to COVID-19 losses.
  • What are your options if your insurer declines to cover your claim?

What will you need to prove? What evidence will you need? What steps should you be taking right now?

Meet your business interruption experts


Natasha Milne
Director – Forensic Advisory

Berren Hamilton
Special Counsel – Litigation
Special guest from Stone Group Lawyers