Lifestyle & Benefits

Lifestyle and Benefits

An inclusive, collaborative,
high performing work
culture full of opportunities

Vincents is proud of our professional accolades and of the people who’ve chosen to grow their careers with us. Our numerous Client Choice Awards are indicative of the professionalism we place on our working environment – and it’s not all accounting and business!

We are committed to making sure we keep and grow excellent staff. So whatever your role at Vincents, as an employee you will enjoy:

  • Interesting and challenging work experiences
  • Career development opportunities
  • An environment where Directors and Managers are easily accessible
  • A strong team environment within working groups and across the firm
  • Individually tailored continuing education and training
  • Ongoing CA, CPA and other post graduate study support
  • A range of employee benefits and discounts
  • Highly competitive salary packages
  • Firm health and wellbeing program
  • A culturally diverse, family friendly and social atmosphere
  • Work/leisure balance

Our staff enjoy a varied social and sports calendar throughout the year and provide opportunities for your health and wellbeing on a weekly basis.

So what’s on offer?

Buddy programs

Vincents allocate new starters with a ‘buddy’ and encourage you to bond with this person to help you settle in to Vincents life.  This program is well received by staff, who find it a valuable resource for their career progression.

Director/Manager working relationships

You are supported and guided through your career on a daily basis via very close working relationships with your director and manager. Vincents operates a flat organisational structure, ensuring all staff have regular and direct contact with our directors.

Client, referrer & affiliate working relationships

In addition to close working relationships with directors and managers, staff are also encouraged to develop working relationships with clients, referrers and affiliates through everyday interactions and more formal networking and education events.

We offer specific networking training for our graduates to ensure you have the skills and confidence to engage in interactions with these valued members of the Vincents family.

Vincents Continuing Education (VCE) program ensures staff get the information, understanding and support they need to excel in their jobs and progress their careers.

Development opportunities range from highly specialised and technical training, to soft skill areas and personal development.

We maintain a comprehensive training schedule and also send individuals to external training, seminars or conferences to meet more specific needs.

Training options vary between compulsory and optional sessions and are delivered at a monthly minimum – often more frequently.

If you would like to do further tertiary education, Vincents supports staff through approved post graduate studies.

Vincents provides a variety of incentives to encourage successful completion of your post graduate qualification.

We value the efforts that our staff devote to further studies and are enthusiastic to help you achieve your academic goals by providing financial and study support for approved studies.

Our In-House CA Program

We care about the development of our team, delivering a comprehensive in-house CA support program designed to lead our Candidates through their study.

In addition to generous financial contributions, leave provisions, resources and mock exams, dedicated Mentors guide Candidates through each module. This includes support sessions, assistance with questions and one-on-one coaching where needed.

Our module Mentors are senior leaders and assisted by recent graduates of the CA program who have a real understanding of the challenges you face and a desire to see you succeed.