Professional & Student Associations


Professional and Student Associations

Supporting the success of
tomorrow's accountants
& business professionals

Vincents works closely with key stakeholders involved in developing and promoting tomorrow’s accountants including professional bodies, universities, and student bodies.

Professional Associations

As a chartered accounting firm, Vincents has a long history with the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ). Part of that relationship involves proactively working together to promote accounting careers among university and post graduate students.

This involvement sees the firm meet regularly with the CA ANZ and other like-minded firms to come up with great opportunities and ideas for the Chartered Accountants of tomorrow.

Vincents staff also participate in all the CA ANZ team sports.

We also support our staff completing the CA Program post graduate studies in a range of ways. Find out how we support our staff during their CA post graduate studies.

Find out more about the CA ANZ and Vincents.

While we are a chartered accounting firm, Vincents have numerous CPA professionals on our team, including Directors. We support our staff completing the CPA Program post graduate studies in a range of ways. Find out how we support our staff during their CPA post graduate studies.

 Student Associations

We partner with student organisations around Australia to actively promote opportunities with Vincents.  The student associations we are currently sponsoring include:

With over 4,500 student members nationally, the Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA) is an independent student body that works closely with the disciplines of finance and economics in numerous universities around Australia. Vincents’ current involvement with the FMAA is with the Queensland chapter of the association based at the University of Queensland.

QUT Accounting Students’ Association (QUTASA) was formed in late 1998 and has grown significantly since then – paralleling the growth in the School of Accountancy.  QUTASA aims to enrich the university experience for their members through industry and community events, networking, professional development and peer socialising.  Vincents are excited to join with QUTASA in bridging the gap between university and post graduate employment.

Established in 2000, The University of Queensland Business Association (UQBA) has actively facilitated the professional development of the business, economics and commerce students at UQ. Servicing over 2,000 students UQBA is one of the largest societies of its kind in Australia, providing members with the corporate and social support they need to thrive at university and in the professional world. The association has a prestigious history of hosting career networking events, recognized by the professional sector as invaluable means of equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Academic Awards

Vincents has been supporting tomorrow’s accountants and business professionals since 2005 through our QUT Academic Awards program (QUT School of Accountancy) and since 2012 for a UQ Excellence Award.

Congratulations to all the previous winners and good luck to all our future applicants.

2010-current: Awarded to the Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) (BS05(Acc)) student with the best overall performance in the unit AYB115 – Governance Issues and Fraud.

2005-2009: The Master of Business Graduate with the best overall performance in the Forensic Accounting major.

  • 2013 Academic Year winner – Monica Kenney
  • 2011 Academic Year winner – Laura Coroneos
  • 2010 Academic Year winner – Amelia Dillon
  • 2009 Academic Year winner – Amy Bath
  • 2008 Academic Year winner – Sin Yee Chin
  • 2007 Academic Year winner – Kartika Sugianto
  • 2006 Academic Year winner- Alexandra Dollar
  • 2005 Academic Year winner – Joanne McKinnon

2009-current: Awarded to the Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) (BS05(Acc)) student who achieves the best overall result in the unit AYB114 – Business Technologies.

  • 2013 Academic Year winner – Claire O’Faircheallaigh
  • 2011 Academic Year winner – Claire Shelton
  • 2010 Academic Year winner – Renzo Renda (employee)
  • 2009 Academic Year winner – Emma-Rose Matthews (employee)
  • 2008: The Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) student who, at the first attempt, achieves the best overall result in the unit BSB314 E-Business Intelligence.
  • 2008 Academic Year winner – Jason Leung

Awarded to the BS05(Acc) student with the best overall performance in the unit AYB240 – Superannuation Regulation and Practice on the first attempt.

  • 2013 Academic Year winner – Belinda Williams
  • 2011 Academic Year winner – Shona Pennington
  • 2010 Academic Year winner – Hans Larsson
  • 2009 Academic Year winner – Charlotte Au

Awarded to the Bachelor of Commerce (Accountancy) student with the best overall performance in an accounting unit  on their first attempt.

  • 2014 Excellence Award winner – Matthew Meintjes
    (ACCT 3101 Auditing and Public Practice)
  • 2013 Excellence Award winner – Alexander Dedecius (employee)
    (ACCT3103 Accounting for Corporate Structures)
  • 2012 Excellence Award winner – Sally Overall
    (ACCT3103 Accounting for Corporate Structures)