COVID-19 Insights | Aged care implications

Move Forward.

By Kerry Darton, Morgans North Quay Aged Professional 

Isolation and our ability to continue our normal routines is becoming increasingly difficult.  If you’re starting to think about aged care options for your parents, grandparents, partner or spouse – now is a good time to start the wheels turning.  If you are the primary carer and you get isolated, you need to have a plan. We have been helping families access respite care and start to think about funding options of full-time care.

Accessing hospital care in the current environment is going to become increasingly difficult and risky as COVID-19 is becoming more prevalent.  If, like New Zealand, Australia goes into full lock down mode -we may not be able to provide the existing level of assistance to our loved ones (that are not living under our roof).

I do not wish to be an alarmist, however I am getting very concerned for our elderly that may not have the required level of care in their homes as we move to more stringent isolation.

The other concern is that the Aged Care facilities are locking down the access to visitors.  People are resistant to change and often very resistant to the idea of Aged Care homes… however now is the time to start these conversations so that we are able to adequately care for the senior members of our families.

A number of Aged Care facilities are in the position to take respite patients and, although not what you had intended for the immediate future, it may be the safest option to start accelerating care plans.

If you have an elderly member of your family who has been resistant to having the ACAT assessment to assess their eligibility for permanent care and respite care, now is the time to speak to a GP about having an assessment done.  You can also request this to be done via  Traditionally if a person went to hospital then the hospital could organise the assessment, however COVID-19 is placing pressure on our hospitals so we are recommending if you feel that your parent or grandparent is likely to need care in the next few months that you take the steps to get their eligibility assessed.

An Important Message

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