Coronavirus (COVID-19) business continuity toolkit

Move Forward.

Now labelled as a pandemic, Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents a current and major threat not only to our personal health but to the financial health of businesses all around the globe.

We are starting to see the real negative financial impact the virus is having on a number of industries including education, sport, tourism, retail and hospitality, but it is also having a greater impact on businesses that are reliant on travel, import and or export for their livelihood.

With no current way of knowing how long this crisis will last, it is extremely important that owners act quickly in assessing the likely financial risks that COVID-19 may cause to their business and seek immediate professional assistance where these risks are identified in order to take positive action to both safeguard and future proof.

Vincents can help you face these challenges.

We have prepared a comprehensive COVID-19 business continuity toolkit with a range of actions that should be considered to prepare businesses and place them in the best vantage point to withstand the crisis and take advantage of the recovery process that follows.

If your business is, or is likely to be, negatively impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), then please reach out to your Vincents advisor or call our Vincents Coronavirus Hotline on 1300 846 236.

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