A CLEAR DIRECTION | New Director Appointments in 2020

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Meet Our New
Directors for 2020

At a time when businesses continue to navigate through unprecedented challenges & opportunities, client care and the provision of a clear direction have never been more critical. 

To that end, Vincents are delighted to announce that three of our valued team members have been appointed as directors and welcomed into our leadership team from October 2020.

We recognise and congratulate James Thorburn, Mailene Wheeler and Henry McKenna for their ongoing contributions to the firm and the extraordinary client service they deliver – providing that clear direction as true specialists in their respective fields.

Get to know our newest directors below – including their reflections on what it’s like to work at Vincents, their career journeys and what client care means to them:

Meet Our New Directors

James Thorburn

James Thorburn
Director – Forensic Personal Injury
Connect with James

“My career at Vincents has given me the chance to grow and pursue learning opportunities across accounting and technology, made possible with our people and our culture – both of which encourage initiative.”

Mailene Wheeler

Mailene Wheeler
Director – Superannuation Advisory
Connect with Mailene

“You spend most of your life with the people that you work with, and Vincents is incredibly special in that it has given me the opportunity to create life-long friendships in all areas of our practice. I have broadened my skillsets through my relationships with my colleagues, and can apply that same care & support when working with clients every day.”

Henry McKenna

Henry McKenna
Director – Insolvency & Reconstruction
Connect with Henry

“My clients are a range of stakeholders – not just the people who refer me work.  Client care for me is about being fair to all those stakeholders and maximizing the financial result for them within the confines of the law and what is expected of me as a Registered Liquidator.  Ultimately I do what I do because I care about helping others achieve a financial (and often emotional) reset.”
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