Do you have a myGov account?

By Anita Noble

anita noble

If you have created a myGov account and linked the ATO, you will now receive your notice of assessments, PAYG instalment notices and other ATO mail direct to your myGov Inbox.

By linking the ATO to your myGov account, you have agreed to receive ATO correspondence via your myGov Inbox, instead of sending the mail directly to your tax agent.  Accordingly, any mail received by you via your myGov Inbox will no longer be sent to your tax agent’s premises in paper form.

Tax agents can view their individual clients’ mail in the tax agent portal.  As this method of communicating with taxpayers is new to the ATO, tax agents will likely check the tax agent portal for any mail you have received via your myGov Inbox and forward you a copy.

If you would prefer your tax agent to receive your ATO mail in the same way as in the past, you will need to log into your myGov account and unlink the ATO.  This will not affect mail you receive from other Government departments via myGov.

Should you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please contact your Vincents tax or business advisor.

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