Data Analytics

Finding meaning in data to
provide direction and support
in litigation, business, and policy.

The evidentiary and strategic potential of big data is unprecedented.  The availability of large and diverse data sources, when carefully evaluated and analysed using robust tools, can reveal insights that are crucial to formulating successful arguments.  At Vincents, our data specialists work with clients to identify potential sources of information that can support their unique needs.  We have extensive experience in extracting insights from large accounting, transaction, and document databases.  Our data specialists can build scalable tools to help explore raw data and automate analyses.

An important part of the data analytics process is the ability to translate information into concise narratives and visualisations.  This capability has grown in importance due to the increasing availability and variety of data.  At Vincents, our data specialists have extensive experience in visualising insights using state-of-the-art visualisation techniques that allow for unlimited customisation possibilities.

We are committed to investing in our data analytics offerings and staying ahead of new techniques for unlocking the evidentiary potential of big data including through the use of machine learning and AI tools.

Our services

  • Advising on data needs
  • Pre-processing of large datasets
  • Exploring and summarising data
  • Detecting patterns and trends in data
  • Preparing scalable models
  • Designing visualisations and dashboards

Our Experts

Our specialists have experience leading complex analytical projects as part of commercial litigation, business decision-making, and policy setting.

Vincents has a unique ability to leverage its internal network of specialists and subject matter experts.  Our customised teams can work with clients throughout the data analytics process to help them find meaning in their data.


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Economics & Data Analytics
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Forensic Services
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