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Understanding costs is crucial to running a successful organisation.  When an organisation’s costs are properly identified and understood in terms of their economic behaviour, decision-makers can use that information to make informed operating, strategic, and policy decisions.  Total costs can provide some insight into an organisation’s performance but may be insufficient to support a range of internal control and operating decisions.  These include decisions relating to marketing, pricing, strategy, procurement, and operations.  To inform these issues, decision makers can benefit from understanding costs at a more granular level i.e., at a specific division, project, product, or service level.

Our experts have served as cost and pricing consultants to large and small corporations, non-profits, lawyers, and regulatory agencies.  We have deep expertise in applied accounting and cost accounting across a wide range of industries in Australia and overseas.

Our services

We provide the following services:

Cost information can serve as an important input into the price setting process.  However, pricing often requires a multi-disciplinary process that is influenced by a host of customer, competitor, and regulatory considerations.  We have advised businesses on their pricing schedules and addressed inquiries into claims of excessive prices and charges.  We have experience with different pricing strategies, including cost-plus pricing, value-based pricing, and segmented pricing analysis.

Estimating what a product or service costs can be an important source of internal control and a decision-making tool.  Vincents has extensive costing experience in both a consulting and litigation capacity.  We have been retained to assist small and large multi-national businesses estimate unit costs at the product, service, and divisional levels.

We have worked to assist clients address disputes over customer and usage fees.  For example, we have analysed fee sharing arrangements and claims of excessive fees or predatory prices in a variety of goods and services industries.

Complex cost allocations can arise is variety of settings.  For example, certain business contracts that deal with shared services and incorporate cost sharing arrangements may be in dispute or the accuracy of costs invoiced according to those contracts may be subject to challenge.  Cost allocations also frequently arise in litigation settings such as in the estimation of damages.  Our specialists have assessed the reasonableness of cost allocations based on theoretical principles as well as based on an analysis of cost behaviour.

  • Analysis of product and service pricing.
  • Analysis of pricing strategy.
  • Analysis of firm operations to inform selection of cost drivers.
  • Analysis of appropriate measures of lost profits and disgorgement.
  • Analysis of the cost structures and cost compatibility of merging parties.
  • Analysis of the costs and profitability of divisions, products, services, production activities, and operating functions.
  • Analysis of operating and manufacturing costs including through the use of data analytics, interviews, and time-in-motion studies.

Our Experts

Our specialists have deep expertise in applied accounting and cost accounting across a wide range of industries including agriculture, banking, education, financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and retail.  We have worked as cost accountants on mergers, trade sales, regulatory disputes, litigation, and as consultants to CEOs and CFOs.

Vincents has a unique ability to leverage its internal network of specialists and subject matter experts.  Our customised teams can navigate accounting and business records and have experience in forensic accounting and interviewing techniques.  This allows them to develop unique insights into the operations and cost characteristics of individual businesses.


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