Jarred Brooks

Director – Financial Advisory

Wealth Advisory
Financial Independence Planning
Estate and Succession Planning
Cash flow Management
Investment Advice and Structuring


Jarred is experienced in providing holistic Financial Life Management services with a focus on empowering clients to make strong financial decisions aligned with their individual goals. His aim is to prioritise and co-ordinate the on-going delivery of advice to clients through a values centric approach to ensure they remain engaged and driven to achieve their long term financial objectives.


  • Master of Financial Planning, Kaplan
  • Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, Kaplan
  • SMSF Specialist Adviser™, SMSF Association
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Banking & Finance), University of Queensland
  • Core 1 Securities & Managed Investments Accreditation Program, Deakin University
  • Level 1 – Derivatives Accredited


Beginning his career as an investment adviser his exposure bought a strong understanding of building the foundations of future wealth with quality asset selection and a long term investment horizon.

Moving into strategic advice services he can now focus on creating greater value through the appropriate use of cashflow and debt management, entity and investment structuring, asset protection, estate planning and tax planning.

Since 2012 he has been a member of the financial advisory division of Vincents.  Jarred’s time is involved in the exclusive provision of financial advisory services.

The principal assignments Jarred undertakes are financial advisory related primarily to private clients.  His strategic financial advice includes the areas of; cashflow management, wealth creation, establishment of financial independence, wealth protection, intergenerational wealth transfer, succession planning, and other related areas.

Jarred joined the Vincents leadership team in 2019. His success is contributable to genuine commitment and dedication to his clients, represented by his high quality personalised service. Through his belief that advice is for everyone, even without the immediate need for personal wealth, he is highly motivated in the aspects of client education and multigenerational advice.


  • Associate Member of the SMSF Association

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