Investment & Portfolio Management

Investment & Portfolio

Forging an investment path
that best suits your
personal circumstances

As the number of investment options available on the Australian and international markets grow, so too does the need for access to comprehensive research and sound advice that integrates with your individual goals and plans.

You need experts that can:

  • give you access to investment market exposure, global research and expertise without the time and effort involved in personally conducting research and completing the administration tasks required;
  • assist in risk minimisation through personalised strategies; and
  • open up your investment opportunities.

Our promise

We will empower you to make informed decisions and to build a prosperous future for you and/or your family based on your investments, asset parameters & personal preferences.

How will we deliver on our promise?

  • We will take the time to find out what your investment goals are;
  • We will gather information on your current portfolio and introduce you to our investment options; and
  • We will work with you to build an investment portfolio that is tailored to you – now and into the future.

What will you walk away with?

You will walk away with an investment path forged to best suit your personal circumstances.

Our experts

Brad Lawler
Senior Financial Advisor

Brad Lawler

Phone: (07) 3228 4258



Jarred Brooks

Phone: (07) 3228 4287



Kenneth Beanland

Phone: (07) 3228 4203



Mark Allara

Phone: (07) 3228 4013



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