Computer Forensics

Computer forensics

Navigating the wealth of data
behind everyday interactions that
take place online & on computers

Vincents’ Forensic Technology team are computer forensics specialists and can help clients with the forensic acquisition and analysis of data on computers of all makes and models including:

  • Desktop computers
  • External hard drives
  • Servers & virtual servers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • USB devices
  • Phones

We can also conduct forensic analysis to extract electronic evidence (link to electronic evidence) on any electronic device that contains a hard drive.  In most cases we can acquire, preserve and analyse the contents of:

  • Documents of all types
  • Deleted, encrypted & password protected files
  • Emails, appointments & contacts
  • Databases
  • Apps – in certain cases
  • Internet search histories
  • Libraries including pictures, videos and music
  • Instant & social media messages (including deleted messages)
  • Cloud-based devices

Once the acquisition and investigation processes are complete, we then provide a detailed report of our findings. Our experts have vast experience with the technical aspects of computer forensic investigations and the provision of expert testimony for litigation purposes.

Find out more about the forensic computer acquisition process including the kind of data that we can extract from a computer.

Your challenge

The majority of business and personal data now exists as electronically stored information, or ESI. With this growing reliance on computing technologies, the need to find out what these machines have been used for has also grown.

There is a wealth of data behind the everyday transactions and interactions that take place on computers and it is all available for forensic investigation and analysis, usually even if it has been deleted.

Vincents can help you meet this challenge.

Our services

  • Onsite incident response
  • Memory preservation prior to imaging
  • Collecting electronic evidence (forensic imaging)
  • Basic imaging & reconstruction of computer data
  • Complete flash memory imaging
  • Reconstruction of computer data & ‘electronic events’
  • Analysis of data on device according to matter requirements
  • Investigation & analysis of findings & implications
  • Preparing expert reports data – court admissible
  • Providing expert testimony
  • File/data detection & investigation
  • Data documentation – log of data on device
  • Recovering deleted or corrupted files
  • Defeating passwords & / or encryption
  • Tracing & verifying authenticity of documents e.g. emails & transactions
  • Legal issues relating to private data
  • Data acquisition strategies to ensure electronic evidence is court admissible

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