Network Investigations

Network investigations

Preparing your business
for what lies ahead on
the electronic horizon

Vincents’ Forensic Technology team are able to help you to secure your technology networks or conduct forensic investigations when you suspect that the network has been compromised by an outside attacker or a trusted associate.

Our network security audit enables us to analyse your current network resources (hardware, software, switching, cabling, cloud computing or cloud-based resources etc) and prepare your business for what lies ahead on the electronic horizon.

Our experts thoroughly examine your entire network from within and outside of the network. We can then establish what vulnerabilities, if any, are present and what you can do to increase the security of your network.

If you suspect that your network has been compromised, we can help you gather information about the attacker and what they have done to your network by retrieving information from your servers, desktops and network equipment.

Your challenge

As Australia and many other nations increasingly rely on information and communication technologies in all aspects of life, we simultaneously face an increasingly sophisticated and hostile online security environment.

The emerging threats associated with this connectivity do not respect traditional jurisdictional boundaries and the perpetrators of cybercrime often have access to financial resources far in excess of the legal agencies tasked with preventing these crimes.

If you or your business use and rely on the internet, you probably already have anti-virus software, a firewall and other data security measures in place. You may feel protected, but is it enough?

Australians benefit from AusCERT, its main focus is on ensuring key services remain operational and secure in a significant cybercrime event and to disseminate information about cyber threats.

Other corporations, businesses, organisations and individuals need to take proactive steps to protect your networks. That’s where Vincents can help.

Our services

  •  Documentation of current network security resources
  • Review of existing resources vs network needs
  • Network analysis – internal & external vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations for upgrade & ongoing needs
  •  Data documentation – log & analysis of data on network
  • File/data detection & investigation
  • Recover deleted files
  • Expert reporting & opinion on network data – court admissible

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