Phone Forensics

Phone forensics

In-depth analysis &
reconstruction of
mobile phone data

Vincents’ Forensic Technology team offers our clients expert mobile/cellular and smart phone forensics services.

Our expertise in this area extends to the forensic acquisition and analysis of over 3,500 cellular and mobile devices of all makes and models including:

  • iPhones
  • Androids
  • Windows phones
  • Other smartphones

From a simple logical file analysis, right up to a full image capture of a device’s internal flash memory, Vincents’ experts are able to provide in-depth analysis and reconstruction of mobile phone data. In most cases we can preserve and analyse:

  • Call registers
  • Contacts
  • Databases
  • Deleted, encrypted & password protected files
  • Documents of all types
  • Emails & calendar appointments
  • Internet search histories
  • Libraries including pictures, videos and music
  • Phone locations (call locations and phone journey)
  • SMS text, instant & social media messages (including deleted messages)
  • Apps – in certain cases

Find out more about the forensic phone acquisition process including the kind of data that we can extract from a smart phone.

Your challenge

Smartphones have quickly become a mandatory tool of our business and personal lives. With that in mind, it is little wonder that a huge mass of information is stored on mobile phones – and this is increasing rapidly as smartphones take over the marketplace.

With so much information stored on these devices, it is inevitable that a significant amount of digital evidence for financial crimes and other legal matters can be found on mobile phones. So how do you tap into this wealth of information?

You need an expert who can forensically image and analyse the digital evidence on phones. You need someone who can prepare expert reports of the implications of your findings in a format that is admissible in courts. And you need someone who can expertly testify in court, if required.

Vincents can help you meet this challenge.

Our services

  •  Onsite incident response
  • Memory preservation prior to imaging
  • Collecting electronic evidence (forensic imaging)
  • Basic imaging & reconstruction of phone data
  • Complete flash memory imaging
  • Reconstruction of phone data & ‘electronic events’
  •  Analysis of data on device according to matter requirements
  • Investigation & analysis of findings & implications
  • Preparing expert reports data – court admissible
  • Providing expert testimony
  •  File/data detection & investigation
  • Data documentation – log of data on device
  • Recovering deleted or corrupted files
  • Defeating passwords & / or encryption
  • Tracing & verifying authenticity of documents e.g. emails & transactions
  •  Advising regarding legal issues relating to private data
  • Data acquisition strategies to ensure electronic evidence is court admissible

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