Safe Harbour Protect™

Protecting the foundations of
your safe harbour agreement

Your Challenge

You are a director, board or advisor considering developing and implementing a safe harbour agreement to ride out tough economic times. Your company does not have a usual auditor nor have you been exposed to an ATO superannuation or PAYG(W) audit in the past 5 years. The risk you face is that without certainty as to the pre-requisites to an effective safe harbour plan –  around record-keeping, employee entitlements and taxation obligations – you may remain exposed to an insolvent trading risk, particularly if errors or omissions in one of those pre-requisites is later identified by a liquidator…effectively invalidating the safe harbour plan. This results in a lot of wasted time, effort and money.

You want your safe harbour plan to be robust and best placed to withstand any later challenge so that you can plan a future for you and your company free from the spectre of insolvent trading.

Our Solution

We protect the foundations of your safe harbour agreement. Vincents’ Safe Harbour Protect™ applies our own rigorous internal methodology, developed directly from our experience in this area, to provide you with a certified, point-in-time assessment of your company’s compliance with the Corporations Act 2001 safe harbour pre-requisites. We:

  • Analyse and report on the appropriateness of record-keeping with remedies to comply with safe harbour pre-requisites, followed by subsequent review and sign off;
  • Analyse and report on internal and external compliance with obligations relating to employee entitlements, superannuation and provisioning with remedies to comply with safe harbour pre-requisites, followed by subsequent review and sign off;
  • Provide certification by a Registered Company Auditor as to compliance with those requirements that you can then adopt (or provide to your nominated safe harbour advisor) that provides confidence in the foundation of your safe harbour plan;
  • Provide a ‘second opinion’ from our safe harbour experts on the quality and compliance of your draft safe harbour plan giving you peace of mind.

Why us?

Vincents team of turnaround and insolvency experts possess over 150 years’ collective experience in dealing with formal and informal engagements across corporate and personal financial distress and asset management.  Our experience across a range of industries and market sectors provides us with unique insights to strategic requirements of modern businesses.

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