THE TORTOISE MINDSET | Why Consistent Social Media is Winning Social Media

consistent social media

By Victoria Cole

The goal of any business marketing initiative is almost always to increase sales.  When it comes to social media, however, you’re playing the long game – and for those looking to grow their company’s follower base, it can often feel time consuming embarking on this sort of a mission without the visibility and comfort of immediate results.

In such a fast-paced digital age it is not surprising that there are countless strategies, courses, tips and tricks available out there to support you when crafting a strategy that’s fit for purpose.

If, however, there was ONE piece of advice that I would give to anyone kicking off on a journey of social media change – it would be this: Never underestimate the importance of consistency.

The Tortoise Mindset

I like to think of consistency in a social media context as having “The Tortoise Mindset”.

Many would be aware of the age-old Aesop fable about the Tortoise and the Hare.  A speedy hare, who often bragged about how fast they could run, was challenged to a race by a slow and steady tortoise.  The hare’s downfall was all due to inconsistency: racing too quickly at the start, pausing to rest for too long and ultimately missing the mark when the slow and steady tortoise crossed the finish line first using a consistent pace that never faltered.

For the most part, the results you are after with organic (not paid) social media growth will rarely come quickly – but when they do they are rewarding, effectively “winning the race”.  This has a lot to do with the continued experience that a social media follower has with a company, and the fact that an audience’s perception of a company (gained from following over time) is their reality.  Successful social media continually delivers content that works to share a company’s story and elicits a warm perception.  It helps the audience to better understand a company on a human and cultural level, slowly builds their trust and ultimately empowers that audience to become advocates for the company’s brand and mission.

And the best part?

Advocates that are won as a result of a non-intrusive, slow burning relationship built over social media like this are often the best sort of advocates you will ever come across in business – loyal and enduring.

Tortoise Tools

In my humble opinion, consistency is undoubtedly king when it comes to successful social media – but if simply agreeing with that theory was all it took to be social superstars then everyone would be out there killing it online in no time!

I’d like to invite you to sit in on our FREE webinar where I’ll reveal some “Tortoise Tools” – a number of strategies that can give you the power to change the narrative for your business, build relationships and ultimately let your brand and people shine.

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