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Our Making Cents of it All podcast talks all things wealth creation – from money management to financial freedom and everything in between. Whether you are a university student suiting up for your first job, a new start up or entrepreneur, small business, planning a business succession or in retirement transition, we invite you to listen in as we bring a wide range of experts who will share their experience, stories and knowledge to assist you in cutting through the noise.

Join our hosts Brett Griffiths, Superannuation Director, and Jarred Brooks, Financial Advisory Director, each month as they help you gain insight and take control of your wealth creation journey.

With segments on topical topics, in depth discussions and economic updates we will cut out the jargon and keep it simple to take the stress out of finance. To break it up and keep it fun, each episode will feature a Vincents Vino segment where our in-house wine connoisseur, Michael Lee, will review and taste a bottle of wine.

The 12 month long Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry gained a lot of attention into the shortcomings of the Australian financial services sector. Hear from Vincents’ Director of Forensic Accounting Paul Green, as to what it means for the Australian consumer and the sector as a whole.

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Ultimately financial independence is about having enough passive income, so you can have the choice of when you make time for experiences.

With a clear focus, careful planning, saving and maintaining a long term investment strategy, you too can achieve your ideal lifestyle.

This episode we will highlight the three key drivers behind Financial Independence:

  1. How well you manage your money
  2. What you do with it, and
  3. Where you park it.

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At the end of the day we all understand SAVING is a necessity to achieving financial independence. A good Money Management Program is about having a structure to help you make more confident, smarter decisions around what you do with your money.

This episode we highlight some actionable strategies to improve your savings ability. Additionally you will be able to see where all your hard earned dollars are being spent, and more importantly, if this spending is actually aligned with what you value.

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Appropriate debt management is imperative for all wealth accumulation strategies but it is easy to go down the path of carrying excessive levels of debt and debt which is hindering your ability to achieve financial independence in the long term.

This episode we will take a look at the 3 categories of debt; Horrible, Tolerable and Productive Debt, and how each should be managed and used to optimise your financial position. We will also speak with our special guest, Phil Ringuet from Vincents Lending Solutions, about his top tips first home buyers, property investors and his insights on borrowing strategies.

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What is your greatest assets?… your Home? your Car?… this may come as an initial surprise to some but it’s your Income, your ability to earn income!

This episode we are joined by Mischa Bolot from Morgans Financial North Quay a Wealth Protection Specialist, who will provide a foundational understanding of the types of insurance available to you and why it is so important to have appropriate levels of cover. Email Mischa.

Many have heard the saying ‘There are two certainties in life, Death and Taxes.’ That latter most of us will have dealt with when completing our annual tax return, but how many people have actually put thought to what would happen to our assets when we pass away.

In this episode we are joined by Kieran Hoare from Merthyr Law, who highlights the various aspects of estate planning which we all must consider and emphasises exactly why it is so important to get your estate in order. Email Kieran.

Wealth creation through investing in shares

In this episode we are joined by Kenneth Beanland an Investment Advisor from Morgans Financial North Quay.

Kenneth highlights for us the various aspects of investing, including;

  • How and where to start your investment journey
  • What are the key things to keep in mind when you’re investing for the long term, and some of the big mistakes he sees investor make
  • The different types of investment options
  • And some important investment concepts that must be grasped by all investors

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Economic Update and Reporting Season for the Australian Equities market

The headlines read COVID-19 disrupts the global economy, OPEC oil alliance breaks, QE and more. In this bonus episode we discuss with Kenneth Beanland – Investment Advisor, about the recent Australian Equities reporting season, current economic environment and the potential impact on us all.

Wealth creation through investing in property

In this episode we are joined by Melinda Jennison, Managing Director, Buyers Agent and Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA®) at Streamline Property Buyers.

Melinda highlights for us the various aspects of property investing, including;

  • the basic principles of property as an investment and just how and where to start your investment journey,
  • the key things to keep in mind when you’re investing for the long term, and some of the big mistakes she sees investors make,
  • and some important investment concepts that must be grasped by all investors.

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Economic outlook for the property market

In this bonus episode we discuss the current economic environment and how it is shaping property buyers perception. Melinda provides a first had account of how COVID-19 has impacted the market and where she sees the market going over both the short and long term.

In this episode we cover the Australian Tax system at a very high level and the various structures that may be available. Our special guest Kim Reynolds is a director at Vincents within the Taxation Advisory division, and during this episode we discuss;

  • The basics of how our Australian Tax system works,
  • How tax is applied to each of us as individuals, and
  • Explain when and why we may use particular structures such as Trusts and Companies.

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In this episode we speak with our very own co-host Brett Griffiths about the world of superannuation in Australia. Brett is the Director of Superannuation Advisory and has been working in the complex and ever-evolving Superannuation space for over 20 years. During this episode we unpack at a high level;

  • How the Australian Superannuation system works,
  • The types of funds,
  • How to choose the right fund including the investment options,
  • Getting money into and out of super, and
  • How everything is taxed.

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In this episode we cover cashflow for businesses. Our special guest David Rose is a director at Vincents within the Business Advisory division. During this episode we discuss:

  • How best to approach cashflow within your business given the current environment, with a focus on expense management, debtor collection and creating certainty around revenue streams
  • Managing creditor relationship as well as your commitment to staff
  • How important is cashflow to high growth businesses
  • Market place trends and changes on the back of COVID-19
  • How the same cashflow considerations for businesses relate to individuals

Access our cashflow templates for businesses and individuals here

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In this episode we cover Financial Independence and Retirement (after the fact) for all generations. Our special guest Mark Allara is a director at Vincents within the Financial Advisory division. During this episode we discuss:

  • The financial aspects that need to be considered once you have achieved financial independence or beginning retirement,
  • And the non-financial considerations, such as maintaining a purpose, and life goals

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In this episode we cover the complex Aged Care system with special guest Kerry Darton who is an Accredited Aged Care Professional. During this episode we discuss:

  • What actually is “aged care”?
  • The ins and outs of aged care including the range of alternatives,
  • When and how to go about the conversation on this topic with your family,
  • And we bust some myths surrounding aged care.

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