How VIN-link can help you

how vin-link can help you

Helping you meet and exceed
client service needs & enhance
the breadth of your service offering.

Where might Members use VIN-link?

Our team of business turnaround and insolvency specialists is available to provide your client with the specialist advice needed for tailored recovery solutions.

Our forensic team is well placed with plenty of experience to provide litigation support, mediation or valuation services to reach a workable solution.

Give us a call and make the most of our free advice for the first 15 minutes.

Our computer forensics experts can help investigate using our specially developed Fraud Check software and expert analysis in our forensic technology lab.

We have a specialist team who can assist with the process including due diligence, business valuations, capital raising and transaction support.

We have specialist tax consultants who can help you advise your clients appropriately.

Vincents’ can help with executive search and selection to ensure you find the best person for the job.