Case studies

case studies

History of quality service to
clients outside of immediate
areas of professional expertise

We provide expert knowledge and assistance to our VIN-link members. Some past cases are listed below.

Tax Consulting

  • We have provided advice regarding eligibility for the small business CGT concessions in relation to the sale of a business.
  • Advised the impact of proposed legislative change, case law and ATO interpretation in relation to the taxation of trusts and the treatment of private company loans and unpaid present entitlements.
  • Shared alternative methods of introducing employees as equity owners in the business.
  • Given insight into alternative methods of returning funds to equity holders using share buy- back, capital reduction and dividends.


  • We assisted a VIN-link member in the determination of the loss to a beneficiary from the alleged incorrect application of the terms of a testamentary trust in distributing income.
  • Advised the beneficiaries of an estate by undertaking a review of the financial administration of the estate due to concerns that the executors had not disclosed and distributed all the income and assets of the estate.
  • Determined the value of estate owned shares where it was alleged that the beneficiaries had been denied their inheritance.