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Timely insights and
support on complex
commercial litigation.

Clients rely on our experts for objective and timely assessments of the issues that arise in commercial litigation.  We help our clients assess the underlying technical issues of a case, identify areas requiring expert testimony, and help determine the types of information, research, and analyses that could support a case.  We can help formulate information requests and manage large volumes of case materials.  Our experienced testifiers can address complex litigation related to accounting, economics, finance/valuation, and corporate governance claims.  In addition, we have domestic and international trial experience including translating complex analyses into concise testimony and clear trial exhibits.

Our services

We provide the following services:

We help our clients navigate their challenging business problems by identifying key accounting, economic, financial, and corporate governance issues.  We can help assess the merits of a case and help determine the types of data collection, research, and analyses required.

Our specialists have experience preparing high quality expert reports and have acted as expert witnesses in Australian and international courts.

We have extensive experience in navigating internal correspondence, management reports, budgets, and other business records.  In addition, we have analysed large document datasets including those housed in Nuix, Relativity, and comparable platforms.

Our staff is experienced in analysing invoices, financial records, and accounting databases.  We have deep expertise in business valuations and the quantification of losses, lost profits, and costs.  We also have data analytics capabilities to efficiently gather, analyse, and present data.

Our experts

Our experts have experience making sense of complex business issues and managing challenging matters.  We build multidisciplinary case teams to provide tailored expert advice and support to our client’s problems.  Our staff include highly experienced testifiers, practitioners, and consultants with diverse domestic and international litigation experience.


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Economics & Data Analytics
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