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Having an experienced forensic accountant on your team is just as important as having an experienced lawyer when it comes to class action proceedings. Class actions involve large volumes of data and financial information that needs to be analysed and assessed quickly and expertly.

Our team have worked on some of Australia’s most high-profile class and group action cases for both commercial entities as well as not-for-profit organisations. We have developed processes and techniques that enable us to navigate large quantities of data, using it to determine the true value of the claim. This information is a powerful tool for securing the best possible outcome for the class action.

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NFP Class Action Legal Proceedings

One of the first steps in any class action proceeding is to obtain an accurate estimate of the total class value.

Determining this requires a deep understanding of the factual circumstances, financial issues, and operational needs of the group action. Our experts work with you to gather this information and use it to prepare a financial model that accurately predicts the likely total value of damages.

This information is an invaluable tool that will help guide the way the class action is managed.

In addition to helping you estimate the worth of the class action, our experts are also able to:

  • Consult on the claim composition, identifying and assisting in collating the evidence to support the claims
  • Extract key data from group members by designing questionnaires and surveys, as well as managing the data collected
  • Providing an understanding of financial information, accounting standards, and changes in financial positions
  • Preparing damages assessment and quantification modelling
  • Provide advice on the preparation of distribution schemes as well as undertaking financial settlement of claims


Our team have a long history of participating in successful class and group actions including some high-profile cases such as:

  • Appco – underpayment of wages
  • Bank of Queensland – Sherwin Financial Planners
  • CBA OARP Scheme
  • Centro shareholder class action
  • CFA Fiskville land contamination
  • Equine Influenza
  • De Puy – failed hip and knee replacements
  • Institutional abuse cases
  • Queensland floods
  • Oz Minerals shareholder class action
  • Robedebt
  • QF32
  • Storm Financial, against CBA, ANZ, NAB, Macquarie Bank
  • Sydney Water
  • Thalidomide
  • The Home Insulation Scheme
  • Westpoint

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