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Superannuation will likely be one of the largest assets you own at death. Making sure that it is dealt with in a way that is consistent with your wishes, as well as in a tax-efficient way, is a complex area to navigate on your own.

Our team of experts draw on the knowledge and expertise of our entire firm to guide you through the different options and decisions that need to be made, to ensure that your loved ones are protected. We take the time to understand your goals and desired outcomes, and then provide you with all of the information and knowledge that you need to make decisions.

Speak to our experts about managing death benefits.

Death Benefits, Death Tax & Superannuation

It’s not uncommon to have limited knowledge when it comes to death tax and superannuation. For example, you might not realise that superannuation benefits can only be paid to a very specific group of people.

You also may not realise that there can be tax payable on death benefits, and at different points.

Our experts will explain everything you need to know, in a clear and concise manner. We will help you explore all of the different options, and then guide you to make decisions that best suit your goals.

We assist not only in the practical process of paying death benefits from superannuation, but can also support the trustees and/or beneficiaries to achieve a tax-effective outcome that is consistent with your intentions.

No two situations are the same, and the payment of death benefits can vary significantly depending on a number of variables. Seeking expert advice from our team can potentially save the beneficiaries tens of thousands of dollars, taking some of the pressure off during an already difficult time.

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Speak to our experts about managing death benefits