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Our team of expert financial and business advisors can assist you in maximising the benefits of the Research and Development Tax Incentive (R&DTI).

The R&DTI provides a generous incentive for activities being conducted that generate new knowledge for the benefit of the Australian economy. Our team will help you understand all of the requirements to qualify for the incentive, as well as how to best structure your research and development activities to take full advantage of the incentive.

Our thorough understanding of the R&DTI means we can help guide you through the process each step of the way.

Speak to our experts about the Research and Development Tax Incentive.

Research & Development Tax Incentive

The Research & Development Tax Incentive (R&DTI) offers a generous incentive to those businesses that are conducting activities for the purpose of generating new knowledge that will ultimately benefit the Australian economy.

Subject to the turnover of the company, the incentive may offer a refundable or non-refundable tax offset for those activities that are being conducted for the purpose of generating new knowledge and whose outcome could not have been determined or known in advance.

The R&DTI is a targeted incentive that rewards innovation and experimental activities. There is a minimum spend of $20,000 (unless you use a Research Service Provider) and maximum of $150M, however you are able to claim a wide variety of expenditure including salary and wages, superannuation, direct costs, and overheads.

The R&DTI is a dual-managed program between The Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (The Department) and the Australian Taxation Office. The R&DTI requires each applicant to self-assess (or alternatively apply for an advanced finding whereby The Department can decide if your activities qualify or not) and apply for registration annually.

Our team of experts can support you by ensuring that you are meeting all of your compliance and application dates, as well as ensuring that you are claiming all eligible expenses.

We ensure that the process is managed efficiently and that you are maximising the benefits of the incentive, freeing you up to focus on the research project and how its outcomes will benefit your business.

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