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Receiving reliable expert financial advice and guidance will empower your not-for-profit organisation to have a greater impact. We provide asset consulting, a service that includes planning, execution and monitoring services that align with the objectives and direction of your organisation.

Our aim is to ensure the values of your organisation are upheld as we deliver our advice in a consistent and articulate manner. We ensure that we consider your options, assisting you with a broad range of services including governance, investment policy statement construction, strategic asset allocation, ESG integration, investment monitoring and administration, and more.

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Guidance that aligns with your values

We are committed to providing a personalised asset consulting service that aligns with the values of your NFP. Our experts will listen to your requirements and consider all options available before presenting you with the information you need to make decisions regarding your organisation’s assets.

Our experts:

  • Will help define appropriate governance of assets
  • Establish any ESG requirements and build a mandate for your organisation that is consistent with its core values
  • Construct an appropriate Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that aligns with the values of your organisation
  • Create a bespoke strategic asset allocation in accordance with the IPS
  • Provide strategy, education, and implementation of investments
  • Monitor, review, and report to the requirements of your organisation’s board

We deliver this by:

  • Guiding your organisation and board through the discovery, implementation, and review phase
  • Helping you to deliver complex strategies articulately
  • Providing proactive and regular communication

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