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In order to positively engage your workforce and manage risk, it is business-critical that you are across the below legislation changes and are aware of the consequences of non-compliance. 

  1. Wage theft laws: As part of the Closing Loopholes Bill, employers will be subject to fines and potential jail time for deliberate acts of wage underpayment. Employers are required to comply with payment obligations and address any existing underpayment notices. 
  2. Casual workforce: The definition of a casual worker has been further clarified, and as a result there are expectations on employers to ensure they are classifying their employees appropriately (note: the Bill passed by Senate and has been sent back to the House of Representatives for amendment prior to being passed as law). 
  3. Introduction of discrimination protections: As of 15 December 2023, new discrimination protections have been put in place that make it unlawful for an employer to take adverse action against an employee experiencing Family and Domestic Violence (FDV). Employers should review their policies and educate leaders on dealing with FDV suffered by their employees. 
  4. Gender equality reporting requirements: There has been a change in requirements for businesses with 100+ employees. Employers will be required to report on gender pay gaps, sexual harassment, and discrimination. 

To understand how these legislation changes will impact your workforce, contact our Workforce Advisory team, Loretta McGeachin (CAHRI) and Sara Villella.

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