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Estate litigation is an area that presents numerous challenges, especially when perceptions can be skewed by emotions. Having the support of a trusted and reliable team of experts to help you navigate, investigate, and mediate the management of the estate can prove an invaluable resource for all beneficiaries.

Disputes over estates can arise for many different reasons. Whether there is a disagreement over the details of the deceased person’s will, or the dispute happens years later over how the estate has been managed financially – our team of experts have the experience, resources and knowledge required to investigate and resolve any challenges.

Quantifying justified shares and value in these situations can be complicated. In the case of apparent mismanagement of the estate, there is often significant investigative work required to determine if this has indeed been the case.

Speak to our experts about our estate litigation administration services.

Engaging an experienced professional to handle the investigation when emotions are running high enables all beneficiaries to take a step back and trust in the process.

We can provide the following services:

  • Forensic investigation of transactions prior to appointment of an administrator or transactions made by the administrator
  • Reporting on the compliance with the terms of the estate by the administrator
  • Verification and tracing of the various assets of the estate

Disputes can arise over estates when executors disagree over the sale or not of assets and at what price. Our experts can be appointed as Statutory Trustee over the disputed assets and attend to the disposal of the asset for market value. This ensures that every option is considered, and the best solution is achieved.

Professional administration is essential where there are competing beneficiary interests and where there is a potential for litigation or contesting of a will. Our experienced team can manage the process professionally and provide clear direction on the administration of the estate after the loss of a loved one.

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Speak to our experts about our estate litigation administration services