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There is a wealth of data behind the everyday transactions and interactions that take place on computers and networks. Our team of forensic technology experts are able to make that information accessible for forensic investigations and analysis – even if it has been deleted.

With society’s growing reliance on computing technologies, the need to find out what these machines have been used for has also grown. We provide the expertise required to assist you in understanding what the data says and provide clear and factual reports and testimony.

Our Forensic Technology experts provide you with expert application of computer forensic technology to:

  • Acquire, preserve, or recover digital data
  • Analyse electronic information, including document metadata
  • Report and present digital evidence including providing expert opinion and testimony

Addressing these challenges and opportunities is the role of the field of digital forensics, a scientific discipline that turns electronically stored information (ESI) into courtroom testimony.

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Our experts have experience with the technical aspects of computer forensic investigations and the provision of expert testimony for litigation purposes.

We can assist you with the forensic acquisition and analysis of electronic information including:

  • Desktop / laptop computers
  • External or USB hard drives
  • Servers and virtual servers
  • Tablets
  • Mobile phones

In most cases we can acquire, preserve, and analyse the contents of:

  • Documents of all types
  • Recoverable deleted files
  • Review of encrypted and password protected files
  • Emails, appointments and contacts
  • Databases and applications
  • Internet search histories
  • File libraries including pictures, videos and music
  • Instant and social media messages (including deleted messages)
  • Cloud-based devices

Once the acquisition and investigation processes are complete, we then provide a detailed report of our findings. Our reports clearly communicate and explain our conclusions, minimising technical jargon and ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of all information being presented.

Our experts are skilled in the process of filtering, sorting and searching vast stores of information to provide relevant content.

We are able to provide eDiscovery solutions, both online and local-review, to ensure that you are able to fulfill your discovery and disclosure requirements in the course of any engagement and be litigation-ready.

Our team has access to the best and latest industry hardware and applications to acquire and analyse mobile phone data.

The process of accessing a cellular device and extracting records, files and images which are relevant to disputes is streamlined to provide efficient, expert services.

The current digital environment has brought a new wave of threats seeking to infiltrate networks, extract data and demand ransoms. This is a vulnerable time for any organisation, and our experts offer assistance to meet statutory requirements and manage risk exposure.

Under the requirements of the Office of the Australia Information Commissioner (OAIC) and the Privacy Act, in the event of a breach, those affected by a breach of their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must be notified.

We assist with time sensitive services including:

  • File classification and OCR
  • Identification of PII from within vast troves of data
  • Notification of individuals

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