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Building financial independence is about taking control of your decisions today which will have a significant impact on the quality of your retirement. Our team of experienced experts can guide you through the various stages of financial independence including your retirement planning strategies so that you can reduce your tax and build wealth faster.

Trying to navigate your way through superannuation legislation by yourself can be overwhelming and confusing, and to make matters worse, the rules and regulations change frequently. Our experts ensure that you have all the knowledge required to make informed decisions.

Some of the most common retirement planning mistakes that you can make include:

  • Not planning early enough
  • Not optimising your contribution strategy
  • Underestimating the investment capital required
  • Mismanagement of superannuation investments

Speak to our experts about superannuation and retirement planning.

Our team makes sure to clearly explain the superannuation and retirement options that are available to you. We provide peace of mind that your hard-earned money is working as efficiently as possible for you – now and throughout your later years.

We work with you to ensure you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you aspire to, considering:

  • Pension cashflow management
  • Lump sum payments
  • Transition to retirement options
  • Providing clarity around longevity of capital
  • Recommendations on how to maximise your superannuation contributions
  • How to choose the best superannuation structure
  • Setting up and managing a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund
  • Assessing investments and overall asset allocation to ensure you are managing your risk

Our team of superannuation and retirement planning experts are committed to listening to you, understanding your goals, and then providing you with advice and information that aligns with those goals. This includes:

  • Understanding and identifying your unique needs and objectives
  • Assessing and providing you with a range of tailored options
  • Discussing these options with you to give you greater clarity
  • Providing recommendations, empowering and supporting you in the decision making process
  • Checking in regularly to ensure your plan is still working for you

You will walk away with a personalised written plan that will guide you through your financial independence journey, each step of the way.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) have several benefits when compared to industry and retail super funds. Our team of experienced experts will guide you through the benefits and help you determine whether an SMSF will be a useful superannuation structure for you.

Some of the benefits to consider include:

  • Greater control and flexibility over your underlying superannuation investment options, such as the purchase of commercial and residential property, and/or using direct Australian and International equities. In turn this ability can provide more alignment across your entire family group’s wealth creation strategies.
  • Taxation effective cash flow management and estate planning can be arranged to maximise the benefit of wealth accumulated to-date, as well as part of intergenerational wealth transfer.
  • Cost efficiencies can be obtained when combining member balances to achieve economies of scale.

These benefits need to be carefully considered and weighed against the time and administration responsibilities of managing your own fund. Our experts will help you consider every aspect involved in the establishment of an SMSF. If you determine that you would like to progress with this superannuation option, then we will assist you in developing an investment strategy that will help you achieve your retirement objectives.

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Speak to our experts about superannuation and retirement planning