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Let our experts help you achieve your goals with our start up advisory and success management services. We work with founders from idea to exit, and will leverage our experience and network to help you gather momentum and achieve success.

Our team are experts in preparing for capital raising, research & development grants, business advisory and offer virtual CFO services. We can work with you and your team to provide as much or as little assistance as possible to help you achieve success.

Speak to our experts about advisory services for your startup.

Our Capital Raising Advisory team services clients by helping them prepare to raise capital. This includes everything from:

  • Analysis of the current state of capital markets
  • Identifying a pathway to raising capital
  • Preparation of pitch deck documentation and investment proposals
  • Connection to our extensive network of
    sophisticated investors and funds (including high net-worth individuals, Venture Capital, Private Equity)

Work with our team of experts within our longstanding Business Advisory division to:

  • Ensure that you understand and meet your various compliance obligations
  • Optimise structures to ensure tax effective outcomes and suitable asset protection are achieved
  • Implement competitive incentive and
    remuneration models/Employee Stock
    Ownership Plan (ESOP) arrangements to help you attract and retain the talent that may be pivotal in growing your business
  • Understand how much your business may be worth

Our Virtual CFO solution enables businesses to focus on their strategy by replacing the existing finance functionality and providing a tailored, expert, service at a fraction of the cost of investing in this non-core functionality.

We will work with you to provide a comprehensive CFO solution including:

  • Financial and business performance reporting
  • Budget & cash flow preparation/monitoring
  • Financial forecasting, modelling, and scenario analysis
  • Quarterly or monthly meetings as agreed

Meet the Experts

Working with our team means every assistance is given. Speak to our experts about startup advisory & success management.