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We understand that as a small business owner, there could be many reasons why you require turnaround and restructuring solutions.

Our Restructuring and Recovery experts are committed to working closely with you and your stakeholders to implement the Australian Federal Government’s Small Business Restructuring (SBR) process.

Small Business Restructuring allows your company to engage a Registered Liquidator as a Restructuring Practitioner to assist with putting forward a single, cents in the dollar payment plan to creditors, while allowing the directors of the company to remain in control of the business and continue to trade.

Contact us for an obligation free consultation to see if an SBR is right for you and your business, to help navigate you through your financial difficulties.

SBR was introduced by the Federal Government on 1 January 2021 to provide better outcomes for small businesses who may be experiencing financial hardship.

It is a simplified, cost-effective debt restructuring process that allows small businesses with less than $1 million in liabilities to continue trading. The directors and management of a company under the small business restructuring process, remain in control of the company under the supervision of a restructuring practitioner.

To be eligible for small business restructuring, the company must:

  • be incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001
  • have liabilities totaling no more than $1 million on the day the company enters the process, excluding employee entitlements
  • have paid all employee entitlements that are due and payable
  • have given returns, notices, statements, applications or other documents as required by taxation laws (but not necessarily have paid outstanding tax debts)
  • resolve that it is insolvent or likely to be insolvent at some future time and that a Restructuring Practitioner should be appointed
  • not already be subject to an insolvency administration or a restructuring plan
  • not have been subject to, or its directors must not
  • have utilised the SBR or Simplified Liquidation processes in the prior seven (7) years
  • A restructuring plan specifies the remuneration that the Restructuring Practitioner is entitled to receive
  • Directors can remain in control of the business throughout the SBR process
  • All employee entitlements that are due and payable must be paid
  • A higher likelihood of recovery for creditors on a portion of monies owed on debts

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