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If the other side of a legal action has engaged an accountant to provide expert reports, it’s imperative that you have these reports cross-examined.

Our team of expert forensic accountants will review these reports, conducting a critical analysis of all financial information provided.

Speak to our experts about the review of expert reports.

Reliable Analysis

Our expert reports are the product of an in-depth investigation, analysis, and review process. You can rely on our experienced forensic team to:

  • Undertake a critical analysis of the financial information and assumptions to determine if the opinion is sound and valid
  • Provide an expert opinion on whether the methodology adopted is appropriate
  • Provide an expert opinion on the issues in dispute
  • Provide our findings in a clear and concise report that outlines any issues that we discover. Our team takes time to explain any technical language or terminology so that you fully understand and have confidence in the findings.

Meet the Experts

Speak to our experts about review of accounting reports