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Cybersecurity and data management is one of the biggest threats that businesses face in our fast-paced technology-driven world. Phishing, ransomware, compromised credentials, identity theft, poorly updated applications, and attacks on critical infrastructure are just a few of the different ways your organisation can be compromised.

Our team of experts can help lead you through today’s cybersecurity landscape. We provide cybersecurity, privacy and data management reviews for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Through this process, our team will help you identify the biggest risks within your current structure, and implement systems and processes to downgrade the risks.

Speak to our experts about protecting your business with our cybersecurity services.

Cybersecurity Assessments

While the consequences of a cyber attack or data breach are wide ranging, they are usually the cause of weak business processes, ICT controls, or human actions. This means that there is a significant opportunity for your organisation to protect itself against threats by enacting strong security policies and measures.

Our team of cybersecurity experts can guide you through the process of developing and implementing these measures. We also work with you to ensure that your business conducts regular cyber health reviews to ensure weaknesses are identified and rectified. Technology moves quickly and you cannot afford to ignore the risks posed to your business, your customers, your staff and your brand by not maintaining strong cyber security health.

Some of the information that our security audit reviews include:

  • The effectiveness of your information technology governance processes
  • The effectiveness of your cybersecurity (information) policies, procedures and controls, to manage and monitor your cybersecurity risk environment
  • The effectiveness of your technical perimeter controls such as firewall configuration and network alert monitoring processes

Additional Services

Where required, our experts will dig deeper, reviewing certain areas or components in greater detail including:

  • Reviewing and assessing your overarching information security policy framework across the following subcategories:
    • Information security
    • Access management including:
      • Access controls managing physical and logistical access to your information systems and supporting infrastructure
      • Appropriateness of privileged level access to your information systems and supporting infrastructure
      • Management of third-party access
    • Information (data) management
    • Incident management
    • Network monitoring and detection – including vulnerability management
    • Physical Security
  • Information system acquisition, development and maintenance – including third-party management
  • Effectiveness of your third-party service agreements
  • Review and assessment of your patching and IT change control processes
  • Assessment of your IT Governance processes including:
    • Compliance and reporting
    • Regulatory environment requirements
    • Information security review planning
    • Accountability and management of cyber security and information risk
  • Assessment of your human resources security framework, including your approach to education and awareness
  • Effectiveness of your information risk management processes in identifying and mitigating potential information or cyber risks
  • Effectiveness of the adequacy and currency of the business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Performance of a vulnerability assessment of externally facing systems and platforms

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Speak to our experts about protecting your business with our cybersecurity services