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Daniel Hains 

Director, Forensic Technology


Email Daniel (07) 3228 4028 Brisbane, Gold Coast

  • Bachelor of Commerce (University of Queensland)
  • Chartered Accountant Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ)
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE)
  • CA Business Valuation Specialist (CA ANZ)
  • CA Forensic Accounting Specialist (CA ANZ)

  • Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ) – Associate
  • Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ) – Member
  • Accredited Business Valuation Specialist (CA ANZ)
  • CA ANZ, Forensic Accounting Special Interest Group (FASIG) – Member


Daniel leads Vincents Forensic Technology, a division of Vincents Forensic Services. He works with our highly qualified computer forensics and e-discovery experts to deliver solutions in the field of electronic documents and digital evidence.

Daniel is also a Chartered Accountant and uses his experience in data acquisition, computer analysis, financial investigations and forensic accounting to provide expertise in financial, commercial litigation and valuation engagements.


Daniel joined Vincents in 2002 after gaining considerable experience in business analysis. He brings a wealth of international experience to both the Forensic Accounting and Forensic Technology business units, having worked with an internationally affiliated professional accounting firm and later in various commercial roles both here and overseas.