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Our team of experts help you identify the regulatory requirements of your organisation and guide you on the best course of action to ensure you comply.

Businesses in certain industries are required to have some or all of their books and records verified for accuracy and to ensure they are compliant with regulations. Whether your business is a legal practice, real estate agency, or accounting firm, or must adhere to a code like the Secure Local Jobs code in the ACT, our team will ensure you are meeting all your requirements.

Speak to our experts about meeting your regulatory requirements.

Meet your legislative requirements on time with assistance from our experienced compliance auditors. Your business is required to have all your trust accounts that hold money on behalf of your clients externally examined on an annual basis. Our experts are all approved external examiners and can assist with  your annual audit, ensuring you meet your statutory lodgement deadlines.

We are committed to supporting your business in any way we are able. If we identify any opportunities to improve your accounting systems and practices during our audit, we will provide recommendations to help you improve your business.

Our fees for compliance auditing are based on the number of trust accounts held by your business, and factor in the volume of transactions processed through those trust accounts. This ensures that our pricing is fair and scales with the size and requirements of your business.

As a licensed real estate agency, you are required to have any trust accounts that hold or receive money on behalf of your clients audited on an annual basis. This includes any trust account that has traded for all or a period of the financial year.

Our experienced trust account auditors are qualified to assist you in meeting your legal and regulatory requirements, ensuring that you meet all your lodgement deadlines every year.

As subject matter experts, our team can offer guidance and recommendations on your trust account system and processes, ensuring you are operating in line with legislative requirements.

We help your public practice accounting firm meet your APES 310 Client Monies regulatory requirements.

Our qualified trust accountant auditors provide independent assurance that all trust accounts that hold or receive money on behalf of clients are in line with the regulations.

As part of your service, we ensure that you meet your lodgement obligations and deadlines, and can also provide guidance and recommendations for any improvements to your trust account systems and operations where required.

Our qualified compliance auditors provide Agreed Upon Procedure audits in compliance with the Australian Auditing Standards.

If your organisation requires a matter to be investigated, we can provide an in-depth analysis or factual findings for a review of expense transactions, review of purchases, review of sales or review of bank statements covering a certain period.

Funding and grants received from the Commonwealth, State and other entities are usually accompanied by an agreement or terms stating how the funds will be spent. Often, the grant funding agreement requires a full audit of the acquittal of funds including specific reporting lodgement requirements that need to be adhered to.

Our team of experts can manage this process for you, ensuring that your business is meeting all the terms outlined in the funding agreement. We assist you in meeting all of your compliance responsibilities, providing you with regular outlines of what is required for the acquittal.

Our subject matter experts have expertise in providing grant acquittal audits including determining the format of the reporting requirements, the type of assurance required, and the timing of the assurance report. Where possible, we incorporate the gathering of the required information into our audit procedures to ensure the entire process runs as efficiently as possible.

All our grant acquittal audits are undertaken in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards and the requirements of the funding agreements.

If your business is based in the ACT and you are tendering for construction, cleaning, security, or traffic management work, you will need to meet the requirements of the Secure Local Jobs Code (SLJC). A Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate is required for all of this work, regardless of the size of the job or value of the work.

Our expert SLJC auditors can guide you through the new application / renewal process to ensure that you comply with all requirements of the SLJC. Our service includes reviewing your application, auditing your records, and then lodging the SLJC audit report with the ACT Government.

As outgoings are a major cost for tenants / lessees when they are occupying any of your buildings or premises, you as the lessor are required to provide them with an annual audited statement of all outgoing expenses. Our experienced outgoings audit specialists can assist you in preparing your annual outgoings statement to ensure that you are meeting your legal obligations to your tenants.

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Speak to our experts about meeting your regulatory requirements