Forensic Technology

Forensic Technology

Experts at overcoming
technological barriers to
bring order to electronic evidence

Vincents’ Forensic Technology specialists provide clients with the expert application of computer forensic technology to:

  • Acquire or recover digital data
  • Analyse Data, including document metadata.   Think of metadata as “the data about the data” (e.g. Date Created, Document Author, Sender – the Who, What, When, Where, How).
  • Report & present digital evidence suitable for admission in a court of law including providing expert opinion and testimony

We work closely with Vincents’ Forensic Accounting team – one of Australia’s longest established and largest dedicated forensic accounting teams.

Our cutting-edge facilities include the latest equipment and resources required to deliver our digital forensics and e-discovery solutions. We have the ability to examine a wide range of electronic devices & networked resources. If a device has a hard drive or your evidence lives online, in most cases, we can help.

We work with a diverse range of clients including lawyers, barristers, arbitrators, mediators, accountants, tribunals, law enforcement agencies, government departments, businesses, corporations, not-for-profit organisations, clubs, associations and individuals.

Your challenge

You need experts who can help you to understand what the data says and provide clear and factual reports and testimony.  Addressing these challenges and opportunities is the role of the field of digital forensics, a scientific discipline that turns Electronically Stored Information (ESI) into courtroom testimony. Vincents can help you meet these challenges.

Our experts

Dan Hains

Daniel Hains

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Ian McKinnon

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Glossary of terms

More information on commonly accepted definitions of key forensic technology and related digital terms.

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