Class Actions

Class Actions

Timely and authoritative
quantification and
reporting services

Financial loss and damages are significant components sought in class action proceedings. Whilst legal practitioners are experts at interpreting the words, it can prove extremely challenging to understand the numbers. Quickly and expertly navigating large volumes of financial information in order to determine the true value of the claim to be assessed will go a long way towards securing the best possible results for clients.

Your challenge

As a class action lawyer or litigation funder you need, at the outset, to obtain an accurate idea of what the total class value might be worth. Determining this requires an understanding of the factual circumstances, financial issues and operational needs required to prepare a financial model predicting the likely total value of damages. You need to lean on specialist advice that supports your case – which could include the following:

  • Consulting on claim composition;
  • Identifying & assisting in evidence collation to support claims;
  • Designing questionnaires/surveys to extract key data from group members;
  • Managing data collection;
  • Explaining, analysing & providing an understanding of financial information, accounting standards & changes in financial positions;
  • Preparing damages reports for lead applicants;
  • Preparing valuation models and scenarios;
  • Providing advice on the preparation of distribution schemes; and
  • Preparing financial settlements of claims

Vincents can help you meet this challenge.

Our experts

Working within the largest Forensic Accounting team in Australia, our well-established team of group and class action experts are perfectly placed to be able to provide timely and authoritative quantification and reporting services based on our extensive portfolio.

We understand that the complexity of group and class actions requires sophisticated litigation support to ensure positive case outcomes. A successful partnership between a litigator and forensic accountant can make a significant difference in the litigation process. Vincents welcomes the opportunity to work with you on these matters.

Get in contact with our experts:

Carissa Lacey
Associate Director

Carissa Lacey

Phone: (07) 3228 4233



Ian McKinnon

Phone: (07) 5555 6301


Associate Director

Janine Smith

Phone: (07) 3228 4253


Julia Bossert

Julia Bossert

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Kirsten Dunlop

Phone: (07) 3228 4226



Mariano Rossetto

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Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

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Melissa Bates
Associate Director

Melissa Bates

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Paul Green

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Paul Vincent

Phone: (07) 3228 4007


Peter Haley

Peter Haley

Phone: (07) 3228 4208


Our portfolio

Our experts have been involved in many class/group actions, including the following:

  • Agricultural Growers Action Group
  • Airline Fuel Surcharges
  • Asset Loans Ltd
  • Astor Goldsbrough Apartments
  • Australian Capital Reserve
  • Bank of Queensland – Sherwin Financial Planners
  • Bell Porter Securities
  • CBA OARP Scheme
  • Centro shareholder class action
  • CFA Fiskville land contamination
  • CWA Global Markets
  • Elders shareholder class action
  • Equine Influenza
  • De Puy – failed hip replacements
  • De Puy – failed knee replacements
  • GPT shareholder class action
  • Institutional abuse cases
  • Queensland floods
  • Margaret River fires
  • Mount Isa Lead Poisoning
  • Nufarm shareholder class action
  • Oz Minerals shareholder class action
  • QF32
  • RBS financial planning
  • Sigma Pharmaceuticals shareholder class action
  • Storm Financial, against CBA, ANZ, NAB, Macquarie Bank
  • Slater & Gordon shareholder class action
  • Sydney Water
  • Tarrants financial planners
  • Thalidomide
  • The Home Insulation Scheme
  • Westpoint
  • Various individual group actions arising from negligent financial planning advice
  • Vioxx

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