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Good governance, transparency, and fairness are essential for all large value or highly sensitive procurement projects. Failure to apply procedural fairness or to demonstrate transparency and governance can lead to a judicial review of your procurement decisions – something all businesses want to avoid.

Our team of experts can provide probity advisory services, tailored to meet the specific governance and assurance requirements of your organisation. We work closely with your executives and procurement team to ensure that good governance, transparency, and fairness are not only applied, but can be demonstrated to all interested parties.

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Why risk a challenge to your procurement decisions?

Engaging our experts for our probity advisory service ensures a truly unbiased approach to your procurement decisions. A lack of fairness and transparency on high value or sensitive procurement activities has the potential to lead to a judicial review. Partnering with our advisors can help you avoid this situation.

The role that our probity advisor plays for your business can vary depending on your requirements. We can support you by being an integral part of your executive project team, through to a post-hoc review of the documentation and processes. We tailor the size, nature, and sensitivity of our level of involvement to suit your procurement activity.

Our continuing connection as your advisor throughout the entire procurement process ensures that we can support and manage any issues as they arise during the project. 

Some of the different services we provide as a probity advisor include: 

  • Review of preliminary business case documentation 
  • Development of procurement plans 
  • Oversight of all procurement and evaluation team meetings 
  • Administering the tender box 
  • Evaluation oversight
  • Review communication between you and the potential vendors 
  • Lead, run or support your tenderer information sessions
  • Lead, run or support your tenderer interview and briefing sessions 
  • Lead, run or support any tenderer walkthrough presentations 

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