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Knowing or suspecting that someone has defrauded your business and being able to prove it are two very different things. Financial fraud examination is the first step in identifying fraud and collecting the evidence required to take legal action.

Our team of experts work with you to inspect systems and internal controls, accumulating evidence to confirm the detection of fraud instances.

We then support you and your business through the next stage – whether that means providing expert reporting as part of a legal process, or working with you to develop strong fraud protection processes within your company.

Speak to our experts about our financial fraud examination services.

Financial Fraud Examination and Risk Assessments

Our team can assist you in identifying and reporting on instances of financial statement fraud and malicious financial mis-statements. We also assist in making sure it never happens again.

We understand the many ways that fraud can impact your business not just financially, but also culturally. Knowing that someone was able to defraud you will have you and your team questioning every single system and process within your organisation, looking for risk.

Our experts can lead you through the fraud risk assessment process and help instigate strong methods for prevention and detection that cover every level of your operation.

Our end-to-end service includes:

  • Evidence gathering and investigation following a known or suspected incidence of fraud
  • Export reporting as required to assist in any legal action
  • Fraud control and remediation processes to protect your business against future attempted fraud

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